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Encre nocturne

3D Mehitza cover

Mehitza. Seen by women / Ce que femme voit

(english and french)

GEFFEN PUBLISHING HOUSE / Jerusalem and New York

Artist Myriam Tangi set off on a quest: to explore the psychological, spiritual, and emotional facets of the mehitza. This physical structure, separating between men and women during Jewish prayer services, has elicited much debate, but its profound influence on the prayers and thoughts of the women behind it demands deeper understanding. How does the separation between men and women impact on their experiences of prayer? In what way does distance from the synagogue center influence women, both within the synagogue structure and beyond? More broadly, Mehitza questions the male and female territories in the Jewish world.

Myriam’s photographs offer an artistic vision, a window into the feelings and experiences of the women standing behind. In this book, Myriam’s exquisite work is interspersed among essays by leading Jewish scholars, which together provide a fascinating analysis of the concept of separation in Judaism. Mehitza: Seen by Women is an artistic, spiritual, and intellectual journey that unveils the complexity of contemporary Judaism.

  • Significant contribution to studies on religion and gender.
  • Combination of photographs and articles creates multifaceted analysis.
  • Wide in scope: travels across the world and across the religious spectrum.